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You think your website is fully compliant?

Think again. Just 20% of all the websites are really playing by the rules. You see it all the time: cookiebanners that ask for your consent. Even if you decline, most of the times cookies are still placed on your computer or smartphone. helps you find out privacy and compliancy issues. And alerts you on changes.

Provide your visitors optimal privacy and make sure your website is and stays compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations.

Get Alerted when your website goes out of compliance

New tags are installed all the time on your website, some aren't correctly setup in your cookiebar and run without any consent. Making your website not compliant with GDPR or CCPA and other regulations.

When you signup for a Free or Pro account with us we'll send you alerts when the compliance score of your website changes.

All automatic, save your time.

Free and Pro Packages

Get an account and we'll alert you on compliancy issues with your website.

Save time, no coding needed, sign up and go!

All accounts get access to reports with all history checks included, know what happened and when.

The Free Package checks monthly and for up to one website.

The Pro Package checks daily and available for up to 50 websites. You also get unlimited manual checks, normally limited to one check per website per day. We recommend the Pro Package if privacy and compliancy are important to you!

Questions? Email us, we email back!


For who is CompliancyScore?

For companies & website owners who value the GDPR and CCPA and want to make sure their website complies in terms of cookies and trackers.

Why do I need CompliancyScore?

You want to comply to the GDPR and CCPA. Your website is one of the main points of contact with your customers. CompliancyScore helps you to make sure you follow all the rules and prevent legal issues that will harm your company or brand. Furthermore, CompliancyScore saves you time, complex cookie assessments are in the past. The pro version sends you notifications when anything changes on your website with cookies or tags.

How do I use

Just enter your website in the scanner and wait a few minutes.

If I use, am I 100% GDPR/CCPA-compliant?

The GDPR/CCPA is broader than just the website. However, the website is one of the most visible things of a company these days. So making sure that piece is properly taken care of helps you to be a fully compliant company. You are always responsible for all of your GDPR/CCPA-compliancy, we help you to look at the right things on your website.

What do I get with the Pro Packages of

Making sure your are GDPR compliant is an ongoing proces. With our Pro Packages we send you notifications when something has changed on the website and isn't complying. We point out which cookies are in violation. We recommend that checks your website at least on a monthly basis. To make sure you are always up-to-date, daily is the best.

Does impact my analytics statistics?

Google Analytics blocks traffic from our scanners, so we will not impact your Google Analytics statistics. Other analytics? Please check them to see if they block bot traffic like Google Analytics does.

Do I need to install anything on my website?

No, no installation needed. Just enter the URL of your website and press 'check'. Easy as 1-2-3.

My website is not GDPR compliant, what can I do?

If your website doesn't comply with the GDPR/CCPA you need to do something. Make sure the cookies are behind the cookieconsent banner and only activated after consent by a websitevisitor. Not sure how to do this? Do you need support? Let us know!