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All services provided by eXTReMe digital may be used for lawful purposes only. We do not provide any services to sites containing material in violation of any Federal, State or City law. We do not provide any services to sites generating traffic by any form of spam.

All information CompliancyScore.com needs in order to register your account will be used only for your CompliancyScore.com Account.

Your Data:
None of your information will be disclosed to anyone without explicit permission. We do not sell your data.

You can cancel your subscriptions anytime you want. Just let us know by email or use the option on your My Account. After cancelling your subscription will be active until the end of your last paid period.

Third-party Usage

CompliancyScore.com works with Stripe to process the billing for the Pro version.

Find Stripe Privacy Policy at:

Data Storage:
We're a global service offering our CompliancyScore.com services to all countries in the world. We store our data securely on Amazon AWS in the USA and in the EU. Amazon AWS has EU-approved Data Processing Addendum and Model Clauses. We have signed DPAs with Amazon AWS. Meaning we can continue to run our global operations using AWS in full compliance with EU law.

Amazon AWS information:

Cookie Statement

We only use internal analytics, for which we do not store any cookies. We use a first-party cookie to keep you logged in at your account.

We use Stripe to enable payments, which may set up cookies to handle the payments.


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